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Implement LTTng on BSD and Windows

This subproject explore the possibility of using the LTTng tracing tool suite on OS other than Linux, like BSD or Windows. The main component targeted here is the userspace tracer (LTTng-UST) and its related tool.

The first step is to do the port to a Posix compatible OS. The OS chosen for this step is FreeBSD.
This work imply designing the LTTng components with portability in mind and adding a compatibility layer to complete the missing features in BSD.

As of march 2012, the support for FreeBSD 9.0 (x86 32 and 64 bits) is available in the development branches of LTTng-Tools, LTTng-UST and babeltrace. It will be upstream in the upcoming release of LTTng 2.1. The latest release of Userspace RCU library already support FreeBSD.

The port to Windows/Cygwin is still in the planning stage.