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Demonstration virtual machines

To facilitate the testing of several components made by the project, we've created Linux virtuals machines which the softwares preinstalled.

First, you can find a virtual machine with the basic open source components (LTTng kernel tracer, UST userspace tracer, LTTV and Eclipse TMF plugin) on the LTTng project website:

A second virtual machine includes the prototypes developed by this project. This machine is built on the LTTng one so you also get the basic tools. Note that the prototypes are still in development so they could still miss feature and present some bugs.

The disk image is available for KVM and VMWare.
KVM Qcow2:
VMware vmdk:

To launch it, create a new VM in your prefered environment (VMPlayer, virt-manager, etc) and use the download disk image as the principal disk.
You could also start it on command line with KVM.

See the different projects for specific instruction on how to use them.